About Me

Hi there! My name is Mew (no joke!) and cats aren’t just my favourite thing in the world: they are my zen.

This site is dedicated to Simba, Sspeedy, (may they rest in peace), and my current babies who keep me on my toes: Cheeto and Blaze.

I’ve been a cat mom for over 23 years and this blog has been a long time coming. In fact, I’ve been meaning to start this site for over 10 years but I suppose, this was the right year.

When I lost my soul kitty, Sspeedy, 3.5 years ago at the start of the pandemic, I was struck with grief, depression, and anxiety. I hadn’t realized how happy my little guy kept me.

Truthfully, I am better (thanks to time and Blaze and Cheeto!) but it’s been rough losing my guy.

With that said, here are pics of my current orange devil baybays.

Cheeto enjoying the new year:

Here’s my boy, Blaze, being a majestic little lion:

With all that said, make sure to join Cheeto and Blaze and to bookmark and share any articles you find helpful.

With love,